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- 04.05.2023

Toyota Hilux AT35 – #ExploreWithoutLimits.

Who would like to see what a trip with this model could look like? Welcome to IM ???? There will be an opportunity to take a closer look, but also to discuss the solutions offered by this car model.

The presentation of the cars will be possible at our place thanks to the Gdansk Toyota Proffesional Salon. This is the largest Toyota Walder dealer in Poland, which offers more than just vans and commercial vehicles. They also offer expedition vehicles such as their off – road offering, the Toyota Hilux AT35. At the meeting in Grodziec, thanks to the cooperation with the official distributor of Arctic Trucks in Poland – the Steeler company – two test models of this very model will stand at the bailey.


Advisors from Toyota Professional Gdansk will be happy to share their experiences and suggest optimal solutions according to the #ExploreWithoutLimits principle. This principle guides them in both product development and sales. Vehicles designed by Nich are expected to expand the horizon, reach the most remote environments on earth and operate in the most hostile conditions.

So, welcome to the castle in Grodziec!