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- 04.05.2023

IZI MEETING 2023 – three musical reveals

During this year’s meeting at the castle in Grodziec, the regulars you already know but also love will play for you:

  • Crooked Alternative
  • Moto Jary
  • The Old Forefathers

We invite you to join us now for a pretty good dose of good music. You will hear a mix of rock and reggae, and there will be plenty of blues vibes as well.

Crooked Alternative:

That’s 9 musicians always delivering a huge dose of positive energy and lively music! The vast majority of them are from Oświęcim or close by. The team’s lineup was formed in 2005. Each of them had previously played in different formations, which is perhaps why elements of reggae, rock and alternative music can be heard in the end result. They have strong ties to the regional music scene, but also participate in various festivals around the country with good success.

Their Demo Live album included such songs as “I’m Afraid,” “Psycho-ska,” and “Pol-ska,” among others. These and many others can be listened to on YT. Such as Krzywa Alternatywa – TAKI DZIEŃ JAK CO DZIEŃ (Official Music Video)


Moto Jary will play ACDC and more …

MotoJary stands for “Moto,” meaning motorcycle, and “Jary,” meaning music band, which was formed before they could legally ride motorcycles. At the IM they will not only talk about their motorcycle travel project in the States, but will also play for you on Friday evening.

In the MotoAmerica video they will present, they will talk about how a lifelong adventure with the guitar met a lifelong fascination with motorcycle travel more than ever before. As they explain, MotoAmerica is a project launched in 2010. A project that aimed to gradually explore America. America understood not only as the US, but more broadly as a part of the Earth located in the Western Hemisphere.

The last trip so far was across America is the States of Confederation, a journey guided by the search for the origins of rock’n’roll: “Toward the Sources of the Blues” is a peculiar story integrating motorcycle adventure with the fascination of rock music and its roots, which we invite you to attend during our meeting in Grodziec.

America! You will learn how to bite the land, which stretches 16,000 miles. km from the Arctic Archipelago to the Fire Earth? Is it possible to do this without being separated for months from daily life, livelihood, loved ones? The Moto Jars have decided to explore America on motorcycles every year in one-month installments. Since landing with their motorcycles in Chicago in 2010, they have traversed the U.S. latitudinally, reached the northern tip of Alaska, toured the fascinating Wild West of the Southwestern states and followed the trail of the characters from the cult road movie Easy Rider. They presented an account of this expedition at Izi Meeting in 2014.

Old Dziady or strong guitars without censorship

The Old Grandparents are a group of five friends raised in a time of censorship, intolerance and enslavement. The Old Forefathers is music of rebellion. The struggle for a better tomorrow, the attitude to politics and ordinary life, all this can be found in the group’s work.

The Old Grandfathers are Rock & Roll Punk. Sharp, energetic playing, enhanced by strong guitar riffs, charismatic, unusual-sounding vocals. Talk to them! Join us on Saturday for their concert!




It’s going to happen. You are welcome!

IZI Team