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To make tradition happen, we are very pleased to announce the start of the call for photos for the 2024 calendar. This year we ask you to send your photos to our email address: info@izimeeting.com. If you would like the photo to bear your name, nickname, or other designation, please write us in the body of the email. We will try to accommodate your request 🙂

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charity auction

This year’s auction at the Izi Meeting will be dedicated to Asia Mikurenda. Perhaps some of you have already managed to get to know her by looking at the website Motoendorfina.pl
We’ll start the story about her in an unusual way – with the history of the photo we include here. “It has its own history, says Asia. For many years in Warsaw there were Motoróż rides organized. Always in October in connection with the month of fighting breast cancer, promoting research, etc. The year the photo came from, I got more heavily involved in the organization, sponsored the vests, and the message that each of us wrote on a card, through me, was dedicated to my friend Ola, who was bravely fighting at the time. The cards were collected and given to the oncology center to the patients in support.”

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We are proud to inform you of our partnership with the DKMS Foundation. We act! At this year’s Izi Meeting 2023 there will be a campaign to register potential Donors!

We will draw a prize among all registered potential Donors – a set of motorcycle tires. Can helping be even more fun?