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Fjord nansen

Well-known clothing manufacturerżclothing and travel accessoriesżFjord Nansen.

Teamł Fjord Nansen not only creates, but also usesżhe uses his products. He knows them well, dzięso that it willęwill be ableł shareć shareę hisą knowledgeą and tośtion during the rally. His presence means alsożthat it canżpossibilitytion of Purchase products at special promotional prices. Promiseą, żThat with their products the adventure will take on a new dimension.

Moto - Tour

Who better to understand a motorcyclist if not the other motorcyclist? We are motorcyclists – just like YOU! The team of the online motorcycle store MOTO-TOUR is created by us – active motorcyclists. During the season we do thousands of kilometers stocked with helmets, clothing and accessories coming straight from our store. Therefore, we are well aware of the assortment of different brands. Whether you’re taking a motorcycle trip to the end of the world or going for a trip around the chimney, we can help you choose everything you might need for your plans: helmet, clothing, boots, accessories, trunks, navigation, intercom….

ADV Academy - Zbyszek Tarnawski

ADV Academy is a motorcycle school run by Zbigniew Tarnawski, a finalist in the BMW GS Trophy, team vice-champion of the European moto Gymkhana and driving instructor. It offers high quality training for motorcyclists at any level, tailored to the needs and skills of the participants. All courses at ADV Academy are conducted by experienced instructors who have extensive experience both in motorcycle riding and in training other motorcyclists.

ADV Inside

Monica – Black, ’93 – a bit of a whiz at traveling especially on a motorcycle.

On a daily basis, I run a sewing shop with my parents.

I have long wanted to combine my work with my passion, and this is how my own brand of clothing for moto-travelers was created. Make yourself comfortable and feel at home!

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Hotel Avena

Located in the center of Krakow, in a tenement house located at the top of the streets surrounding the Nowy Kleparz market square will provide you with excellent communication with other parts of the city. You are only a few minutes away from the routes leading to Katowice and Warsaw. Park in the spacious parking lot located on the hotel’s property and enjoy the proximity of the Old Town and the Main Square.