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- 04.05.2023


This year the catering service will be provided by the Grill Master you already know. They have never let us down and this time they promise to rise to the occasion. In addition to grilled traditional meat, there will also be vegetables.

You already know the Grill Master from previous IM meetings. The exception was 2022. However, we are returning to the good food traditions that have always suited you.

We would very much like to provide you with enough grilled delicacies and enough filling breakfast portions. For this to happen, we will have to place a specific order to the GRILL MASTER as early as May. Hence our huge request:


here the link to the store

choosing a FULL (with food) or SMALL (without food) package

Your registration will give us the opportunity to estimate what the demand for catering is. We would very much like it to be provided to you at the right level and in sufficient quantity.

The Grill Master has promised to make a small supply for latecomers, but we have to give them an estimate of the number of orders. And for us, this is already a logistical challenge of no small magnitude.

If necessary, after May 15, registration for the rally in the full package will only be possible up to the limit of available catering orders. Of course, we will inform you of this beforehand.

Thank you very much for your understanding and those who are determined are welcome to register.

IZI Meeting Team