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- 04.05.2023

ADVportal Media Patronage

It’s happening! The Friends of the TAKE IT IZI Foundation have been joined by a group of editors from the https://www.advportal.pl/

This is a recently started initiative of completely non-accidental people who have been privately active in the motorcycle community for many years. Theirs, like ours, is a passion for ADV! They have agreed to become media patrons of our IZI MEETING 2023 event. Tom Józwowicz, one of the editors, will be present at the rally and will tell you about his charity 30-day trip around Europe.

ADVportal is all about credibility, which the editors take care of as on their own channels. You will learn on their pages about the most important information from the world of adventure motorcycles, motorcycle expeditions. You will find tests of motorcyclists’ accessories and equipment, interesting videos and also reports from trips. You will find that they know more than a little about the advencher life style.

Since both them and our Foundation are close to pro-social activities, and most importantly to combine this help with our passion, ADVportal decided to include IZI Meeting as a media patron.

We therefore introduce you to the perpetrators of the confusion:

  • Rafal from NaMotocyklu – https://www.youtube.com/@namotocyklu
  • Marcin from Motocyklem.net – https://www.youtube.com/@motocyklemnet
  • Janusz from JanuszLekkiTerenu – https://www.youtube.com/@JanuszLekkiTerenu
  • Tom from Ride2WheelsADV and the MotoCycle podcast -.

The ADVportal team itself talks about what you will see on ADVportal.

The website-portal we have created is a production entirely our own. We don’t have great web development experts on board. We didn’t put a mountain of money into it, for that we sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice a heap of our private time and a huge chunk of our hearts. If there is something that needs improvement, please contact us via the contact form or by writing directly to redakcja@advportal.pl. However, we hope that the time will come when this will be handled by a professional company.

Content – the content we create is based on our experiences, testing, being personally in the places we describe. We are not saying that our truth is the only right truth. We speak in the context of our feelings and observations. If you have a different opinion on some topics write to us, let’s talk! We are not omniscient experts, so we can also make mistakes.

Raklamy – we are currently not cooperating and have no talks about cooperation in the appearance of ads on our portal. As we mentioned above, this is our grassroots initiative, which is entirely covered by our hard work after nights and our time. What you will see today is a friendly sharing of products (which we also tested), but from a legal point of view we have to label as advertising from the very beginning. We will not hide the fact that we will consider every cooperation opportunity that comes along, but you will always know if the article is sponsored and if the graphic is an advertisement. We also won’t charge you with a ton of ads for the email you give us by signing up for our newsletter. We value your privacy and, above all, what you sign up for. One thing we care about is providing you with as many discounts or discount codes as possible, because we know how much this passion costs.

We invite you to read and follow their activities.

IZI Team