Date of the Meeting: 9.05 – 12.05.2019

Location: Grodziec castle (in the area of Bolesławiec and Legnica)  51°10’37.2″N 15°45’34.2″E (51.177004°N, 15.759492°N)
Website of the castle:

The main goal of the meeting: commemorating Izi and raising funds for this year’s charity, ie. 

Cost of attendance: 

registration until  31.01 ⇒ 260,00 pln / 65,00 eur
registration until 28.02 ⇒ 280,00 pln / 70,00 eur
registration since 1.04 – 6.05 ⇒ 290 pln / 73,00 eur

Gate  in the castle 300,00 pln / 75,00 eur

Accommodation: we provide space to set-up one’s tent and the floor inside the castle (please bring your sleeping mat and sleeping bag).

Limited numer of places: two castle chambers may provide room for no more than approx. 200 guests. There are no tent space limits.

Parking: motorcycles will only be allowed to park in the castle boroughs outside the inner yard, within outer walls. They will be guarded by security team.

Meals: the price of the meeting includes food (barbecue dinners on Friday and Saturday and breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday) – additional meals may be purchased at the castle or arranged on one’s own.

IM updates are always published in social media:


Program of the Meeting

Thursday, May 9th

  • 17.oo  –  Castle opened for guests but it is NOT an official opening of the meeting.
    If you decide to arrive on Thursday please bring your own food and tent.
    We do not offer any attractions apart from loads of work necessary to prepare the castle for our meeting.
  • 20.oo  –  Bonfire and integration.

Friday, May 10th

  • 12.oo  –  Official meeting start! Registration and accommodation of attendees, castle viewing, acclimation and integration.
  • 19.oo  –  Dinner (barbecue)
  • 20.oo  –  Welcome all attendees
  • 21:00  –  Concert of band, bonfire at outer yard

Saturday, May 11th

  • 7:30 – 9:30 – Breakfast
  • 10.oo  – Attendees divided into groups depart following selected routes (return planned between 17:oo and 19:oo)
  • 12.oo – 20.oo Castle attractions – travel presentations, trainings, test rides on new bikes, contests, funtime
  • 19.oo  –  Dinner (barbecue)
  • 20.oo  –  Presentation on main stage
  • 23:00 – Goodbay
  • 23:30 – music and bonfire at outer yard

Sunday, May 12th – Breakfast (7:30 – 9:30)