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Introduction to travel in the land of fjords



Going to Norway, I did not plan this type of coverage, but what rarely happens to me, the girls and I prepared the route quite thoroughly, accommodations, gpx routes, perhaps a pity to put away. Maybe someone will benefit from an excerpt 🙂

For me, the trip to Norway was all the more crazy because I had only one motorcycle season on my motorcycle account and rode less than 10tys km with a 650tka. Although the thought of changing the motorcycle had been germinating in my head for some time, but I had no idea at the time that it would be twice the capacity and would come with me to drive it to Norway a month after I bought it. However, this is what happened. Sometimes something comes to a person like this and you know it’s that moment that if you let it pass by, it won’t come back. Well then, it was necessary to tense up and act.

The plan was to leave Krakow for Gdynia, then take the ferry to Karlskrone. Later that day, after disembarking from the ferry, we wanted to get to the Oslo area. Another one in the vicinity of Hardangenfjorden, from where we were about to start our unhurried romp.

The first 3 days are routes of approx. 600 km. I expected to be dead on the third day. However, this was the first time I loved my motorcycle unearthly. Every day, more and more, in fact. But the first feelings such from deep inside my whole body came when it turned out to be wonderfully comfortable. I will tell you about more infatuations when I take pictures.

Let me start with a cursory summary. Such a few practical info. Remember – this is a 2019 departure. Prices have certainly changed. The rest I rather not expect ? Those who want to will look at the photos and read about the details, or not 


The entire trip turned out to be basically 90% rain and downpour. The second half of August it was. Temperatures depending on the location. It was 34 in Gdynia on the day of departure. In Sweden, it rained right away, but it was warm. In Norway, it is usually between 4 and 10 degrees in the mountains. At the level of the fjords there were sometimes and 20, but rarely. Most times it was about. 15-17 degrees. Most often in rain or fog. On entering Bergen, the sun came out for a while, then we saw it again the day before we left Norway. However, it has its own charm. Fact, it could not rain so often… Photos would be easier to take 😉 Well, in any case, if someone was going, without rubber boot covers and gloves I would rather not recommend. Jacket and pants – I do not even mention. Heated cuffs, warm clothes and it was even pleasant. After a couple of days, the temperature of 15 degrees was already super comfortable for us, and if it wasn’t raining at the same time, we felt like winning the lottery. May was reportedly super warm this year 😉


Including the trip from Krakow and back, we did approx. 4300 km. It took 12 days for the entire trip.


The above link is a capital site in my opinion, where 18 tourist routes of Norway are listed. Exposing their natural riches they have mastered to perfection!!! We focused on the Fjords region and a bit of central Norway. We consciously let go of the north completely. Personally, I like to drive around unhurriedly and explore different nooks and crannies. I like to have the comfort of drinking my coffee in a pleasant place without feeling that each dragged sip means a terrible chase to my destination later. So that’s the sense in which the route plan was created. First we decided what we wanted to see, then where it was. We combined it into some sort of meaningful piece, fitting into the 12 days we had available.

I will paste you maps and links to googlemaps from each day of the ride. Due to the closed roads during the winter, certainly not all map links will open correctly if you check them during the period when the routes are closed. If someone needed I have routes also in gpx format. Write in the comments, we will send interested parties.

The speed limit in Norway is a topic we all probably know and dislike… Well, what to do. The restrictions are there and they are there. Either one takes risks and breaks them, or one adheres to them. It’s certainly not a country for people who want to fast there. For me, the circumstances of nature were so delightful that I absolutely had no need to “fly” unreflectively. Where we had through sections we took the main road, the expressway if there was a possibility. Where there were routes of tourist interest to us, there was no point in rushing. Anyway, we chose routes saturated with wineglasses, viewpoints… it was impossible 😉 Daily distances we had really small, but I think perfectly matched (details to follow). We were leaving around. 9-10, we arrived at the site 18-19. We had time for a leisurely lunch, a coffee break… or two… and a pastry, the obligatory photos, and sometimes just stopping and contemplating the views.


Our assumption was that we would not take tents. This determined the type of trip as well as the fact that we planned the accommodations well in advance. At the end of April we had everything finalized. The weather showed us that this was a good move. On the one hand, fact – it strongly determined our route. Each day we had to reach a specific place. On the other hand, however, we had time to calmly plan this route, secondly, we could look for accommodation nicely located, at good prices, with a really good standard. We even ended up with a cottage with a sauna, which we eagerly took advantage of 😉 Looking for accommodations during the trip, our budget (about which in a moment) would certainly increase by some 30%.

To search for accommodations, I highly recommend www.nafcamp.no There are mainly campgrounds here, and you can easily search for them depending on the location you need (directly from the map). Most of the links provided have links directly to the site’s web pages. Sometimes only the names are given, but you can easily find the camp site in a search engine. At the campgrounds, the standard differs significantly from the ones we know in Poland. Admittedly, we were looking for self-catering cottages with bathrooms, but once there we found that it didn’t really matter. All common areas are very well maintained. Campsites are usually equipped with washing machines, and often clothes dryers. Which, as it turned out later, came in handy more than once. The available cottages (called hyttas) are usually 4 or 6 people. Where we could not find camping on our route, or there were no more vacancies, we looked for accommodations at www.booking.com

At the links to the routes, I also give the bearings of the accommodations that just happened to suit us. In general, if anything surprised us, it was rather positively.


Delicious. Delicious. Of course, due to prices, we did not enjoy the full benefits. As long as there was an option to buy breakfast along with the accommodation, we did so. Breakfasts have always been very tasty and basically unlimited in quantity. We procured basic products on a regular basis from markets. We tried in such quantities that we consumed on a regular basis. We never had a problem with shoppingWe often enjoyed coffee, cookies, etc. energy boosters at roadside cafes 😉 Gas stations usually offer pretty nice hot meals, too.


We assumed a maximum of 7000 zł/person (total cost). Realistically it came out about 6500 PLN, but we did not especially tighten our belts. Below are the details and info where I see the possibility of saving money, without particularly losing the fun of the trip. At the same time, the trip took place in 2019, so you should verify these prices before you go.

  • Ferry Gdynia-Karlskrone (round trip) less than 1,000 zł/person. This already includes a motorcycle, a cabin, a flexi fare (it came in handy for us, as we had to reschedule our return). We also had a breakfast and dinner buffet (costing about 100 zloty/person one way). I recommend despite the price. The food is delicious and unlimited. Also alcohol – wine, beer. We bought the option to stay in the cabin until we arrived at the port. Otherwise, you have to leave the cabin 1.5 hours. Before arriving. And that would mean that at 5:30 we would already have to be up. The vision of waiting on the seat and then 600 kilometers of driving prejudiced the issue. In any case, for those who want to, savings can be found here.
  • Accommodations came out ok. 1800 zloty/person. Prices varied, ranging from £130 to £290. I provide details at the links to the booked accommodations. If one plans to go with a tent, these prices will decrease significantly. Twice we opted for not the cheapest accommodation (in Bergen and Kristiansund), which accounted for about 25% of the price of the total accommodation. You can certainly look for savings here, too.
  • Fuel, approx. 1900 zloty – well here there is simply no mercy. It is necessary to pour as much as it calls.
  • Food approx.1800 zl hmm… well… we did not spare ourselves treats. We happened to eat seafood in the restaurant (this accounted for about 20% of the total cost of food). But that was the plan and we carried it out 😉 We did not deny ourselves wine for dinner. Vacations finally  In supermarkets I would say that prices slightly higher than ours. It also depends, of course, on what products someone wants to buy. The basic ones didn’t knock off their feet. Roadside pubs, cafes, gas stations (which have quite nice food on offer) in these were reasonably priced and quite tasty.

And I guess that’s it by way of introduction, or rather summary. Currently, if I wanted to leave a similar style of travel, I would add about 15% to the total budget.

For those who have reached the end, the coverage begins with a bit more visual. I invite you to the next parts.