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Bliźniak – IZI Team member from the very beginning. IZI Meeting for him starts already in September and the most important moment is meeting you all in Grodziec. Bliźniak (Twin) as the nickname implies is not just himself but the two: him and his belly.  He never spends too much time in one place, if you want to meet him just stay still – he will sure show up. In the history of IM we’ve had better and worse days but Bliźniak is one of those few individuals whom we owe continuity of the event. At the time when most of the original team had to resign from active organisation of the meeting it was him and three other members (!) who made it possible for us to meet at IM in 2017. Team member from the first, 2011 edition.



Jagna is the team member dating back to the first edition of IM. All guests know and are fond of Jagna very much but only few are aware of her superpowers. Jagna, with all her charm, is like a long-range cruise missile – once she takes up an issue you may just forget about it – mission will be accomplished and believe us: you wouldn’t like to stand in the way between Jagna and her objective. Besides that she loves to dance, enjoys light off-road and her Saturday routes have always been very successful and fully booked up (at least until new tracks with roadbook prepared by Bartek were introduced) :-). Jagna is also a geology PhD so if you decide to join her group you will surely get a bonus of  tons of interesting information on ancient and more recent history of the places you vist.
Team member from the first, 2011 edition.



Jochen – involved in organization of IM from the very beginning, in January 2011 he carried out the first reconaissance with Sambor at Grodziec which resulted in IZI Meeting finding its permanent home at the castle. He has been riding all kinds of bikes for 35 years, in 2005 Jochen met the love of his life – an Africa Twin RD07a which has become his faithful short and long distance travel companion since. In the Team responsible for translation into English and all kinds of activity – he will sure be greeting you at the castle gate offering a welcome shot 😉 A great fan of photography and World War II militaria, self-appointed dancer and entertainer. Team member from the first, 2011 edition.



Budzik has taken part in all editions of IZI Meeting and simply cannot imagine May without our meeting at Grodziec. You will recognize Budzik by glasses, moustache and beard, he hardly ever remains silent, never sits still as is running up and down the place and when the music plays he immediately begins to dance. In the Team he is responsible for IT related and hopeless issues. By definition very helpful. In the past he used to practice extreme sports and AR rallies but with age he became more steady. Now his hobbies are limited to riding his Africa Twin, skiing and sailing.
Team member from the 8th edition (2018). 



Kamyk is an always smiling and hyper-positive human being. Whenever there is anything that needs to be done Kamyk has a ready solution long before the question who could do it is asked. His most  important roles in the Team are IT issues and broadly understood "getting things done". During meetings he loves to share registration office with Wilczyca and welcome guests. All attendees just love him by definition as well :-).
A great fan of speedway, deep in love with that sport. Has been trying his hand at trial for a while but in the first place he adores travelling and all sorts of sands/gravel tracks on his bike.
Team member from the 8th edition (2018). 



Bartek – a born organizer, fan of everything automotive and a traveller. Combination of these feaures makes him a perfect addition to the IM Team. “In the saddle” for 7 years, has always been fascinated by travelling on a bike. So far has already taken up more and less distant east, west, north and south bound journeys. If you would like to get him know better just ask Bartek a question related with bike, travel planning or packing challenges…..we guarantee a long and exciting conversation ;-).
Bartek is a new Team member – he got involved in organisation of the 9th edition (2019).



Mariola – a fan of travelling far and near with and without purpose or goal. She feels best sitting in her saddle, swallowing kilometres and contemplating nature. She prefers to ride in the front which helps her followers avoid ditches, cavities, chuckholes, fesh-fesh sand and other traps. On the other hand she herself is happy to explore them. A recent addition to the IZI Team still trying to find her place. Always ready to help, specializes in numbers… able to plan the entire event in Excel. Mariola is a new Team member – she got involved in organisation of the 9th edition (2019).



Kasia - A one-man band and jack of all trades with a particular love for travel, best on two wheels. An event manager by calling. She has been organizing a great variety of events for years - from the mass ones to more intimate meetings of people driven by great passion. IZI Meeting is a new challenge for her but also an occasion to get involved in what combines best of the best: a charming spot, incredible story, passion and far from decent aggregation of freaks crazy about travelling the world on bikes.


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