Dear Friends!

We are extremely happy to announce our meet at the Grodziec castle in June. It will be our 11th .

Meeting date: 9.06 – 11.06.2023

Location: Grodziec castle (in the Bolesławiec and Legnica area)  51°10’37.2″N 15°45’34.2″E (51.177004°N, 15.759492°N)

The main goals of the meeting: convention of motorcycle travellers from across Europe, commemorating the person of Robert „IZI” Gałka and raising funds for charity.

Admission price: soon!

Accommodation: We provide sufficient space to set-up one’s tent and the floor to sleep inside the castle (please bring your sleeping bags and mats).

Attendance limits: Two castle chambers may provide space for approx. 200 guests, there is no space limit for tents.

Parking: Motorcycles will only be allowed to park in the castle boroughs outside the inner yard within outer walls. All bikes will be guarded by the security team.

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