IZI Meeting brings together aficionados of discovering the world from the level of a motorcycle seat. The meeting idea was conceived in 2010 when Izi and Sambor were riding home from an annual rally of the German Africa Twin Forum in Lissburg. According to their original concept the purpose of the meeting was to integrate motorcycle vagabonds from Poland and Germany, however Izi’s tragic death in Tajikistan changed the event formula for good. Its goal now is not only to integrate the motorcycle traveller community but also to commemorate Izi and to raise financial support for those community members who are in need due to unfortunate occurences and accidents. In the first years the main beneficiary was Izi’s son while in recent years we provided support for …….
In addition, in 2006 we began founding awards for winners in the contest for the most interesting travel plan.
Since the very first edition of the event in 2011 the main venue of the meeting is a charming Grodziec Castle in the area of Złotoryja – for the duration of the meeting we are given full control of the medieval stronghold.
Castle website: http://www.grodziec.net
Every year Grodziec hosts 250 – 450 attendees from over a dozen countries. 40-60% of them are Poles, while the second largest group are Germans (25-30%). Then, in alphabetical order,  we’ve had guests from Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.
If we failed to mention all nations we do apologize – please kindly let us know and we will correct our mistake asap 🙂
The majority of attendees visit us every year.
First and foremost IZI Meeting are people. Filled with curiosity of the world and open to others. Therefore if you consider visiting us for the first time you surely won’t spend your time here alone.  You will leave a richer person bringing back quite a few new friendships and, possibly, ideas for interesting trips. Even though we come across many friends only during each annual Meeting we take up our conversations exactly where we paused them in the previous year, just as if we were continuing a conversation of yesterday. We always wait for return of our guests for whom IM has been a stopover in a distant journey and who promised to visit us again and tell about adventures experienced on the road.
 Every year the Meeting is organized by just a few individuals who devote several months and hundreds of hours of hard work to make it happen. Team members work in a charitable way, ie. don’t get any financial or other profits for their time and efforts. As the Team undergoes continuous evolution, we owe the Meeting to about 30 individuals who have been involved in its organization over the years. You will find information on both the current and previous Team members under The Team tab.
We all like and respect one another  therefore we do not accept or tolerate any aggressive behaviour that might prevent others from enjoying the meeting. Fortunately we’ve never had such problems but in order to avoid them in the future we do strongly suggest choosing other rallies and events if you are hoping for riding drunk, burning rubber, turning your bike’s throttle to cut-off or other such activities. You will not find any understanding or applause among us.